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Our Services

Management information systems and information centers

Archive Management Systems

Database Management Systems

Digital Conversion Services

Consulting services

Training Services

Provide sources of electronic information


Department of servers on the Internet

Web applications

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Mobile applications

E-business management solutions, with regard to:

Solutions, information portals.

Systems management and dissemination of electronic content

Management systems and archiving of documents

About Us

The leading Arab firm in the provision of digital technologies and solutions for all the difficulties these techniques with disabilities. It has a highly experienced founders through their service to the Syrian information society since the founding of its staff in 1999 through the provision of solutions and services, and advanced integrated information on management of all phases of the session information from the production of information and documentation, through its management, conservation and the end of the published and made available to beneficiaries.


Enable the information society from the dissemination of knowledge in the Arab world by providing it by leading technology based on the latest international standards, dealing with all phases of the cycle from information technology and services to acquire information and knowledge through documentation techniques, information management and dissemination techniques and the end left to their beneficiaries.
Provide sources of information and knowledge of the facilities to enable them to meet their needs.
Contribute to the transfer of information technology to the Arab world through the active development of information technology solutions.
Contribute to the preservation of heritage and Arab thought and service of technology based solutions through international standards and specifications.


Home Services Clients Products About Us Call Us